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Post Female Escort Listing or Female Escort Agency Classified Ad.

FemaleCompanions.Com - A Premier Escort Listing Directory, has been assisting clients in finding escorts around the globe since 2000.

Tens of thousands have joined our network of escort service providers, for more than sixteen years, making
FemaleCompanions.Com one of the most well known escort search directories in the industry.

Before you submit your new listing, first search the FemaleCompanions.Com Database.

If you do indeed find that your information is listed and you need to make a correction, please contact FC first.
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Scroll Down to Read Guidelines, Post Your Escort Listing or Select a Banner for your site.  

FemaleCompanions.Com Submission Guidelines/Criteria

Listings - Each and Every Independent or Agency listing that is submitted for acceptance to FemaleCompanions.Com Online Escort Database, is fully cross-checked and approved by a human, not a machine like the now defunct adult sections of Craigslist and Backpage Escort Listings (Censored 1/9/2017).  

We are neither Backpage nor Craigslist!

To submit a free listing on FemaleCompanions.Com...
You do need to have a personal escort website!

Quality - Sites considered for submission must be of high quality and designed for most internet devices. Most all of the well-known, free escort website templates that you may find on the internet are quite exceptional and may be used without any concerns on FemaleCompanions.Com. No Website? Search Google: (free escort website)  

1.  NO   D u p l i c a t e   C o n t e n t    Extremely Important and we cannot stress this point enough!


If your submitted site description is found anywhere on the internet using a simple 'copy and paste' into Google, Bing, Yahoo, SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages)   or other escort directory, without rewriting...

Reasons For Not Being Listed

2.  NO   K e y w o r d   S t u f f i n g   If you stuff keywords in your site 'Headline' or 'Description'...

Reasons For Not Being Listed

Information Required - We do want to see your real name, pen name or pseudonym in your 'Headline' and a brief 'Description' about YOU and YOUR escort services. The rest of the required info for your client is on your site, right?

Be personal, honest and creative with your new escort ad submission to FC, because this is about YOUR escort related business. Please submit fresh content and we assure you that it will get posted.

3.  NO   L i n k   F a r m s  
When you submit your escort site, which should ONLY be linked to friendly escort directories, escort acquaintances and industry links and it looks beautifully clean, your site will be accepted! You shouldn't have other irrelevant non-sense on your posted website, anywhere. If you have any type of this link junk on your site...

Reasons For Not Being Listed

VERY IMPORTANT!! If, for absolutely any reason, a competitive website is trying to inflate their site ranking on any search engine or is attempting in any way, to dishonor this offer presented by FemaleCompanions.Com, we fully have the rights to edit and/or remove your listing completely from FC without an explanation, your consent or absolutely any notice!

Link Back to FC  
This isn't too difficult and this question is for you! Do you respect FC's endeavors? If you do, then you know your answer. We'll just say please do add our banner to your site. It's very much appreciated but not required.

If you would like to have a thumbnail image added to your listing, then YES a linkback IS required.

Remember, we are here for you! For any reason you need to contact us about anything pertaining to your listing with FC, contact us asap. We answer all emails (it's listed on the bottom of every page) and we do get tons of them.

Our apologies in advance for being so detailed but if you have read this far, please scroll down to continue :)

Post Free Escort Ad - Post Escort Services

Category/Location: Category/Location: REQUIRED

Where are you located or where do you travel the most when you provide escort services?

There are many categories and you may contact us to change your information at any time.

Agencies - Please use the agency section under city of choice. If NO agency section has been created, you may use the main city location.

Your Contact Name:  Your Contact Name: REQUIRED

This information will never be used in your listing unless you place it within your description below.

Your contact name is only for office use and will never be seen by the public.

Your Contact Email:  Your Contact Email: REQUIRED

This information will never be used in your listing unless you place it within your description below.

Your email address is only for office use and will never be seen by the public.

Your Website URL:  Your Website URL: REQUIRED
(Copy from your web browser)

This was discussed above in the guidelines for submission.

This is public domain and will be seen everywhere.

Please see examples above!

Your Listing Headline:  Your Listing Headline: REQUIRED

This was discussed above in the guidelines for submission.

This is public domain and will be seen everywhere.

Absolutely NO KEYWORDS other than your site Headline or Business Name.

Please see examples above!


  Characters Remaining (MAX 600)

By clicking the 'Submit Free Escort Ad' button, you are stating that you are at least (18) years of age AND electronically authorizing FC to use any of your photos or content from your website for use here, and on social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.



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  Having an image attached to your listing, promotes your ad and will show higher on the page.

Just submit your information using the form, then send us an email (with your photo).

If you want to add a thumbnail to your new escort listing or have any issues, please contact us...
Email: webmaster@fcmarketingllc.com

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